Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello You Lovely Lot!

I have been so busy lately with Mini Make Books, design work and the shiny new halfpinthome Not On The High Street shop I've been trying to get around to doing this giveaway since 400 likers! Hopefully it will be better late than never!

This is also something I've been trying to get around to doing for ages too......shrink plastic! You all remember putting crisps packets in the oven and watching them shrivel up and then turning them into magnets or brooches right????  

YES! Well it is still THAT awesome as an adult, minus the crisp packet :)

Being me it had to be bunting to begin with! I may do magnets and brooches at a later date, but I may also not, there are some super cool ones already out there like illustrator Clare Shrouder's gorgeous ones! 

I choose to re-work my 'Up in the Clouds' pattern into blue which I thought would make a lovely, not too girly, set of bunting.

This is what they look like after they have been baked, super diddy......super cute! It's unbelievable how the detail still shows up even when it's shrunk so small as well.

 Et Voila, all ready for a new home! 
I may shrinkify everything halfpinthome now :)

If you'd like to go into the hat to win a very newly designed and money can't buy 'Up in the Clouds Mini Bunting' then all you have to do is leave a comment here OR on the facebook page on the link pinned to the top of the page. I will title it 'YOU LOVELY LOT' just so you ALL know it's for you! Thanks for sharing my adventures!